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Leak Detection & Repair

Professionals Testing Prevents Damage

Leak Detection & Repair - Call The Action Team!Do you have a leak? Do you think you might have a gas leak? Do You Smell Gas? Call us now!

"Do not wait to call because if you do have a gas leak, you will have more costly damage" 

At Action, we have over 20 years of experience in general leak detection services and in gas leak repair. Believe us when we tell you that you don’t want to wait for excessive bills and damage to your property (or health) before you decide to call, it just means more expense. Our Madison & Dane County qualified, insured, and licensed plumbers can investigate, locate and repair your leak before it has a chance to do any further damage. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will take your call so that you can get the quickest possible resolution. Where leaks are concerned, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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  • Gas Leak Detection & Repair
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  • Sink Repair
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  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Toilet Repair

Primary Signs Of A Leak

There are multiple symptoms which will likely cause you to immediately suspect a leak. Other symptoms might be easily dismissed or explained away, not realizing that the problem has now become severe. Leak detection is serious business, and if you have experienced any of the following issues either at your home or office; then you need to call Action Plumbing right now and take advantage of our 20+ years of experience in leak detection.

Immediate Issues Checklist:

  • An Increasing water or gas bill
  • Damage to cabinetry, flooring or ceilings from moisture
  • Seeing Dripping or constantly running water
  • Hearing dripping or running water where you shouldn't
  • Wet or warm areas on your floors or walls
  • Constantly moving flow indicator on your water meter
  • Hissing sounds or smell of rotten eggs or bad odors

A leak can cause a great deal of damage to your property even it it is small. Water leaks are bad enough, but gas leaks are extremely dangerous and can result in severe illness, explosion, injury, and death. If you hear the sound of gas escaping or smell rotten eggs, immediately stop using any gas powered appliances, put out all cigarettes and cigars and call Action now! Action Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical professionals have a process for leak detection and leak repair and know exactly what to do.

Action Leak Detection Process:

At Action Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical, over the last 20 years, we have fine-tuned our leak detection services. The process is simple and will provide you with a thorough assessment of the location and severity of your leak or leaks that need repairs. Advanced leak detection technology will be used to help locate the source of the leak, which enables us to quickly repair leaks without causing significant damage to your property.

  • Complete Visual Inspection:  Our qualified expert can identify most leaks by walking through your home. A visual inspection will helps to determine the best course of action for the leak repair and the equipment to use.
  • Pressure Testing: A pressurized leak is inside a system that has pressure in the pipes. A leak detection finds out exactly where, if it is hot or cold, and proceeds a pace.
  • Moisture Probing and Sensors: A Moisture probe helps to identify the source of the leak and will alert us to the complete areas of moisture and exactly what has been affected.
  • Prolonged Leaks: Reveal damage to surrounding soil, foundations, retaining walls outside, and flooring, sub- flooring, walls, cabinets sheet rock and carpet and padding inside that will need to be repaired.

Action Plumbing can assist with repairs of a variety of types at your discretion. Once the primary leak issues are repaired, a bid can also given to repair additional damages wall, flooring, sheet rock and appliances that may have been damaged. Since each leak is different, it is accessed and a particular course of action is approved by you, prior to the work starting.

Madison Leak Repair You Can Trust

Small, medium or large leaks usually result in some kind of leak damage, The question is: how much? If you have had a leak at home, at the office, or in a  institutional or commercial setting, you may have suffered damage to any number of important pipes, loop systems, or equipment supplying heat, cooling, or water. Personal belongings and residential and business property may also have been affected in a negative manner.

This leak repair must be done right the first time to avoid additional costs. Action Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical is reliable and professional, so you can have peace of mind that when have completed the repair, the problem is solved. Peace of mind with the repair means you have complete assurance you have called the best technicians for the job. Action Plumbing professionals make sure their work adheres to highest standards, and will meet any of your plumbing challenges quickly and efficiently. With over 20 years experience and skill. Action Plumbing has built a great reputation throughout the Madison and Dane County region for customer service and superior job performance.

If you think you have a leak at your home, business, or commercial institution, Do Not Wait To Call. A qualified staff member is standing by right now and can send an experienced professional in Leak Detection and Repair. Call Action Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical in Madison, WI 608-249-3747 and Sun Prairie, WI 608-837-3638.

If you need some Action now, you can click here to schedule service online now!

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