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Dedicated Circuits & Outlets

Adding Dedeicated Circuits To Your Electrical System

Dedicated CircuitIf you’re planning on installing a new appliance in your home, or equipment in your business, and you don’t currently have a dedicated circuit for it, the licensed electricians at Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric can provide you with as many dedicated circuits as you need. Our dedicated circuit installation services are also perfect if you’re planning to add on an extra room to your home or a separate apartment or garage. We can install a dedicated circuit virtually anywhere so you won’t have to worry about putting your safety or the safety of your electrical devices at risk. All new circuits include breakers for added protection.

Get The Power You Need

Another advantage of dedicated circuits is they can allow for various amounts of power to be used in a single space. For example, if you need a 110-volt outlet for standard household electronics (like a stereo, computer or TV), but you need a 220-volt outlet for advanced electrical devices (like a new cooktop, over or cloths dryer), you can have a dedicated circuit installed for each. This allows you to safely operate everything at once without the risk of damage to your electrical system or the items connected to it. Our experienced electricians can also handle electrical wiring for new devices and provide you with expert advice to ensure you have the correct type of dedicated circuit for your home or business needs.

New OutletElectrical Outlets & GFCI's

Action can install an additional electrical outlet for that new flat panel TV, or move an existing outlet to accomodate the new furniture you recently purchased. Whatever the reason, if you need an outlet installed, replaced or moved... call the ActionMan and his team!

Also, learn more here about GFCI's. They are required in certain portions of your home. They can also save a lives!

What Is A GFCI?

Ground-fault circuit interupters (GFCI's) provide the best available protection against severe shock and electrocution. A GFCI device will cut the electricity in a circuit when it senses a difference in the amount of electricity passing through the device and returning through the device, or a "leak" of current from the circuit. GFCI's have been in homes since the early 70's and are required on electrical circuits that come within six feet of water. This includes outlets in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, utility rooms and outdoor outlets.

GFCI OuletHomeowners, should also consider having GFCI protection on general purpose receptacles throughout the home.

Why Do I Need GFCI's?

If your home does not currently have GFCI's installed, your should consider having them installed for the following reasons:

  • Safety - they provide a much safer environment than regular outlets.
  • Technology - As time passes, electrical technology gets better. Keep your home up to date.
  • Selling - In most cases home inspectors require that GFCI's be installed before a home is sold/bought.

Get it done before you have to, it may save time, money, and potential incidents in the future. Action Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric is here to help.

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