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Water Softeners

Prevent Mineral Deposits

The Action Team Keeps Your Water SoftAction Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical understands using a water softener is the key to solving many problems around the home or workplace. A variety of conditions exist in your home like mineral deposits in the dishwasher and shower, appliances that don’t work efficiently, spots on dishes you wash dishes in the dishwasher, to hand and laundry soaps that don’t seem to have any effect.

The buildup of trace minerals like calcium and magnesium, can reduce the effectiveness of all types of cleaners and do long-term harm to your appliances and plumbing. Depending on where you live geographically and where the water you use comes from, hard water prevents soap from lathering, creating a soap scum instead, and it also leaves behind mineral deposits that can build up in your washer, dishwasher, faucets, drains and pipes and lead to many other types of challenges.

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  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Toilet Repair

Hard Water Has Damaging Effects

Action Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical believes that hard water is defined as water that has picked up minerals while flowing through soil or rock. As this hard water passes through your pipes and appliances, it leaves part of these minerals behind. You will see them as a white chalky residue/deposit. The most common residue, lime scale, which is a buildup of calcium carbonate, is an example of this. The buildup of lime scale or other mineral based deposits can block drains or pipes, damage pumps in appliances, and wear out or damage faucets and surfaces like that of your sink and shower.

The good news is using a water conditioner can help prevent all of these problems. Water softeners purpose to remove the trace minerals before you use the water. Water softeners for larger-scale applications can use reverse osmosis to filter out trace minerals, while household water softeners often use an ion-exchange resin. This resin replaces ions in the water like calcium and magnesium with sodium. In today's markets, many laundry detergents already use ion-exchanging materials so they are more effective. Once you begin to use a water conditioner, you will begin to see a major difference in your washer, dishwasher, ice maker, and even inside the water heater. You clothes will be cleaner, no white residue inside the dishwasher, less spots on the dishes, and overall cleanliness of your clothes and even in the condition of your own skin and hair.

Action Water Conditioning SystemReasons To Invest in Water Softeners

Most people agree that hard water is not believed to have any impact on health, but it can have a significant effect in many other areas of people's daily lives. Elimination of hard water, will improve the efficiency and extend the life of these major appliances and parts:

  • Water heaters
  • Dishwashers
  • Washing machines
  • Ice makers
  • Faucet Aerators
  • Shower Heads
  • Internal flushing mechanisms in toilets
  • Coffee Pots
  • And many more...

If you have an appliance that uses water, from a coffee maker or teakettle, to exterior sprinklers, it will work better with softened water. Extending the life of these daily use items is more efficient, which means reduced power usage and lower bills. Save money on things you do every day is a good thing! Using a water softener will also make your cleaning jobs much easier. You’ll be able to save money, since soaps and detergents will foam up like they are supposed to with less waste. A simple solution to a complex issue.

Let Action Plumbing help you extend the life of your appliances and pipes with a water conditioning solution for you home, commercial laundry, commercial kitchen or industrial location. We can also help you with any heating, electrical and plumbing repairs that you might need.

Action Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical has expert technicians available 24/7 to assist you with any plumbing issues. Contact us in Madison, WI at 608-249-3747 or in Sun Prairie, WI at 608-837-3638.

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