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Interested In Finding Water-Saving Products?

Modern Technology Enables You To Save

Water Saving Plumbing Fixtures

Shopping for products that will save you money and water has never been easier. By use of modern technology, you can begin conserving up to 80% of the water typically used in older versions of ordinary plumbing fixtures. Wow! This is really great information for you and your family and for your business.

Action Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning and Electrical would like to invite you to consider replacement of your late model residential plumbing fixtures and commercial plumbing fixtures which can enable you to save money and water at the same time...  It's a great time to consider a remodel, renovation or perhaps a brand new kitchen or bathroom. A smart layout gives this master bathroom above enough room to comfortably fit the essentials of a shared bathroom: his and her pedestal sinks, a large bath, a separate shower stall and toilet. The plumbing fixtures are a great compliment and add value to your home or commercial business.

The WaterSense™ label is also a great place to start when you're looking for water-saving products that perform. The Environmental Protection Agency's partnership program, WaterSense promotes water Efficient products, programs and practices throughout the US. So you can be sure that products bearing the WaterSense label offer significant water savings and meet strict performance standards. Most of the major plumbing manufacturers like Kohler, Delta, American Standard, Price Pfister, Moen, Bosch, and Elkay all have a full line of products for residential and commercial plumbing that you may be Interested in finding out more about.

Commercial Showering ProductsWhat Products Can Save You Money & Water Now?

  • Residential Toilets
  • Residential Showerheads
  • Residential Faucets
  • Commercial Toilets
  • Commercial Showerheads
  • Commercial Faucets
  • Commercial Filtered Water Solutions
  • Commercial Flushometers
  • Commercial Urinals

How to Save Water

The average American family is using over 300 to 400 gallons of water per day, so conserving water isn't as hard as you might think. From using easy-to-implement habits to switching to more efficient fixtures indoors, we believe that you'll find there are plenty of opportunities to conserve our most precious resource. There are some great areas in your home or business to get the savings started:

Save Water In the Kitchen - From dishwashers to long-running faucets, when cooking and cleaning, we may take water flowing through our kitchen for granted. Be creative and begin to see how  to use your kitchen water efficiently.

Save Water In the Bathroom – Toilet use and taking baths and showers  accounts for most of our indoor water consumption. Toilets, showers and faucets often steal away more fresh water then we need and it is possible to maintain optimal cleanliness with powerful fixture performance.

Don't think you can make a difference? Even small tweaks and changes in our daily habits can have long-lasting effects on our personal water use and on the environment. Here at Action, we understand that water conservation starts at home, where our daily use of faucets, showerheads, dishwashers and toilets all add up to some unsightly numbers. Fortunately, you can dramatically reduce your water usage through helpful tips you can use throughout your home. Call us today here at Action Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical. We believe that you can make a difference and start saving right away.

Here are our convenient locations to serve you: Madison, WI: 608-249-DRIP (3747), Sun Prairie, WI: 608-837-3638, when you need an expert for all your plumbing needs... Call us today and get started on making changes in your home! Your Favorite Madison Plumber!

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