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When Is It Time For That Remodel?

Lifestyle vs. Room Design

Master Bath In-Suite StyleIt’s a new year and you may be still thinking about a remodel for the bath or kitchen area of your home; of course the question is when is the right time to begin that process? Things like having holes in the floor, a rusty bathtub, or a toilet that just won't cooperate are certainly a type of big-ticket bathroom problems that will require major repairs. Instead of that major repair, it could be less expensive to just remodel with fixtures that can save you money. What else can be happening that indicates it's time to upgrade your bathroom? It’s possible these might not be quite what you expect.

The little things start to go wrong are the first and foremost to give cause for concern. Your bathroom is prone to everyday wear and tear which is normal; however some problems require more than a simple repair job. Here are a few major points to evaluate: Is the tile grout beginning to flake out of its joints, are the whites in the bathroom turning yellow, or does the ceiling show signs of peeling from moisture? Common sense should kick in and conclude it's time. If you have serious costs associated with these types of challenges, it may make sense to spend a little more and create a brand new bathroom.

Do you think that you're stuck in a design rut and want a big change? While it was popular to simply resurface in year’s past, it could be it’s just time to leave that old finish in the past and move on. Avocado and golds, pink and turquoise are palette’s from the 70’s, and unless you are in to Retro, then you would do best to create a new fresh look that blends more with the décor and lifestyle of the rest of your home. No more time warp for sure, let’s just update…

Have the kids left the nest, or will you be retiring and moving to a new location? If you are thinking of selling your home, please consider increasing the value of your home and enhance it’s ability to sell quickly. Did you realize that by making relatively small changes may be a smart way to raise your home's value. An upscale house, needs upscale bathrooms that reflect the design ethic of the home. If you think it’s obsolete, then you know it’s time.

Traditional Farmouse StyleAs your needs for living change in your home, family situational changes can effect how you use the space in your home. A conversion of a child’s room may move to a study or craft room. Less storage for children’s things means you could enhance that master bath into a full in-suite complete with dressing area and walkin showers and tubs for safety. A more comfortable lifestyle is totally inviting and often a deciding factor in redesigning the home for retirement and entertaining.

If you ask yourself is your bathroom really you, and the answer is No, not really; then it is past time for a change. Standard-issue faucets and plumbing fixtures may be functional, but there's nothing distinctive about them and you love what you see in the magazines and stores now and have fallen in love with a new style, then you must consider a change. Especially if these details don't fit your personal aesthetic, it doesn't take much to find a look that goes with your style. All of the bathroom fixtures are like furniture and when you remodel or renovate; can be a redesign just like you would have in a living room or dining room. Literally, you can create a bathroom that fits your design. Classic lines or sleek modern curves, plan to use a few small changes that mean big impact in what you see. Or if your bold, go for it all and make the major changes you have always wanted to make. Kitchen or bath, pool or patio, plumbing, hvac, electrical enhancements are what Action Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical does best.

Call us today and schedule one of our qualified staff professionals to meet with you to discuss your current remodel or renovation. Here are our convenient locations to serve you: Madison, WI: 608-249-DRIP (3747), Sun Prairie, WI: 608-837-3638,Beaver Dam, WI: 920-319-9700 when you need an expert for all your plumbing needs...Call us today and get started on making changes in your home!

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